Who We Are

Revenue District is a Chartered Professional Accounting firm that provides full cycle accounting, tax and other business related services. Revenue District was founded with one goal in mind – supporting business owners by providing personalized quality service.

Growth StrategiesOur services are based on one philosophy – Client is First. We do not differentiate between small, medium or large clients because all clients are equally important for us. Our success is based on our ability to provide our services with transparency, integrity, excellence and respect. We are not just providing our clients with numbers but develop strategies to increase profitability and maximize the business potential. We are accountable for everything that we do and always available for our Clients.

Our services are provided by licensed, designated accountants. We do not employ tax preparers or tax consultants because we believe that the highest quality service can only be provided by the regulated accounting professionals.

Unlike other firms, our fees are structured in “all-inclusive” packages that greatly save money to our clients while they benefit from unlimited consultations and support. We are fully transparent and do not have hidden or surprise fees. We are proud in our experience and ability to resolve complex tax issues for our clients. We have negotiated the best possible outcomes for our clients with CRA. Client advocacy is one of our core values and we are experts in this area.

We believe that making wise decisions is vital for business success; therefore we are very open to educating our clients. We are that type of accountants that will actually spend time with you to ensure you understand what these numbers mean and their implications because the best decisions are the informed decisions.

Revenue District provides mobile services for its clients. Our accountants can travel to your office if needed. We also provide free courier services which means our clients never have to worry about documents delivery. Our secured client portal offers the most convenient, time saving solution for all business owners. That’s how we differentiate ourselves from others – by providing worry free, time saving, highest quality services!!! After all your success is our success!

The answer to your question is only a phone call away.

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