Tax Services

Filing taxes is easy

Our goal is to give you enough tools to be able to make good business decisions and keep more cash in your pocket, while complying to all government regulations and staying organized.

Corporate Tax

We prepare corporation tax returns together with your company’s financial statements and notes disclosure, which includes statement of operations, balance sheet, and statement of shareholder’s equity.

In addition, if you have unsorted receipts and unorganized records, we will take it all, organize your records, calculate your revenue and expenses, and prepare any applicable schedules and notes disclosure as part of the engagement.

We also correspond with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf in the event of an audit or to clarify issues. Our goal is to ensure you take advantage of all available tax savings while filing complete and accurate returns.

Self-Employed Income Tax

We prepare your self-employed income tax and make sure we minimize your tax payable by accounting for all of your business expenses.

If you have unorganized receipts, we can take it all and calculate and organize your receipts, and file your taxes. We will correspond with CRA when you need our support in sorting out misunderstandings or issues.

Personal Income Tax

We prepare personal income tax returns together with any applicable schedules.

We will also correspond with the Canada Revenue Agency as required in order to assist with the proper filing of your tax return. Our goal is to minimize your tax burden while filing complete and accurate returns.”

Government Tax Remittances

We calculate your government tax remittances and keep you updated on the due dates to pay. This includes:

  • HST – calculation and filing (monthly, quarterly, annually, depending on your needs)
  • Payroll Support (bi-weekly)
  • Payroll liabilities – calculation of payroll tax, CPP, EI (monthly, as part of payroll support)
  • Filing T4 and T4 Summary (annually)
BONUS – Here is what is included in each tax preparation:
  • Tax Planning
    We provide tax planning to all of our clients. Whether you are an employee or business owner, incorporated or not, we provide guidance and direction as part of tax preparation services at no additional cost.
  • Stay Connected
    We are available to all of our clients throughout the year and provide support and advice on demand.
  • CRA Communications
    We communicate with CRA on your behalf when needed. We speak their language so we can clear all of the misunderstandings and advocate for you.